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ModReq: Misc
« on: January 31, 2011, 10:48:59 PM »
Some stuff I've wanted to suggest but have no suggestions for the actual implementation thereof. Most of these suggestions are geared toward more challenging (suicidal/masochistic?) gameplay; the rest are geared toward optimizing server performance or filling holes. Stuff I simply want because it sounds cool will be marked orange, stuff that would probably help everyone will be marked green, stuff that's questionable will be marked pink.

    • Ghasts to be added to random above-world spawn list. Failing that, at least enable them for portal spawns so I can make an AAGDS.
      • /setmob for Mob Spawn blocks. Alternatively - allow randomly generated Creeper/Ghast/Multi spawners.
      • Add Nether blocks to randomly generated terrain. Alternatively, parallel Nether server?
      • Make the DynamicMap's viewing range big enough to actually see my base.
      • Turn Slimes on.
        • Replace Water Source Block spawns with Lava and Vice-Versa beyond 100,000 blocks.
        • Some kind of implementation of the creeper-animal mod found here. Alternatively, just make some of the passive mobs turn into assholes when you attack them, like Spiders do.
          • /mobnoise <mob name> <index> to generate mob noises from your location.

            • Instead of disabling mobs near spawn, increment their hp/damage according to distance from spawn, capping at (double?) normal stats after a set distance.
            • Server voteban, votekick, setpos, and generate random chunk (reset/repopulate chunk) commands.

              • Cap mobs if the server finds itself experiencing user latency spikes. As performance degrades mob spawn rates should approach zero.
              • Maximum number of allowed spawned passive mobs determined by proximity to other similar passive mobs - so we don't get 60 sheep spawned in one spot.

              I'll add more as I think of shit, hopefully some of it gets implemented.
              Questions? Comments? Clarifications? Opinions?
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              Re: ModReq: Misc
              « Reply #1 on: February 02, 2011, 12:56:29 PM »
              • If ghasts are enabled, please keep them limited, I don't want to hear children crying all day, or have all my crap on fire ~_~
              • /setmob sounds like win
              • Giving us the ability to gather nether blocks or having a nether server that shares the inventory of the parent server would be cool too
              • Even if DynamicMap was able to see your base, how would you be able to find it?
              • You want all the lava to become water and water to become water? That sounds really cool, but I have a feeling you're one of the only people out that far.
              • Ugh, I hate the passive mobs as it is, exploding/retaliating passive mobs sounds painful ;.;
              • /mobnoise sounds like a good way to scare people, but I think it would be lacking w/o being able to hide your name
              • I like not having mobs near spawn, it makes an already laggy area not so laggy
              • server voteban,kick, etc sounds like funtimes; I think Tibs like having the word on who gets banned. I wouldn't be opposed to votesquelch (maybe on a timer) or kicks that last for a few minutes even /kick (seconds)
              • Capping mobs does sound like a good idea if possible. This will require tuning over time.
              • If you cap the mass sheep spawning, I'm not going to have enough for my ritualistic sacrifices at midnight...